Introducing Parent Box


Parent Box is a tool to assist parents in guiding their children on all aspects of the academic journey from the cradle (pre-school) to their career (post university). 


The chosen format of this online course enables you,

as parents, to access this resource where and when convenient.

Having assisted many children in improving their academic attainment, by working with parents, I was inspired to create this as a resource encompassing my many years of experience and research so that parents feel guided at all times. 

Tenrich the experience and knowledge base, I have also featured experts in related parenting and academic fields. 

The overall course is divided into 6 sections 

• A general introduction 
• Preschool and Early years
• Primary Education (KS1 & KS2)
• Secondary Education (KS3 & KS4)
• Postsecondary Education (KS5)
• A special feature on Other Learning Needs

Each section then covers topics specific to it, like the Foundation Core Skills within the Early years and the Choosing the right Secondary School within the Secondary Education, both shown in the video clip. 

The course concludes with a Q&A section where I have compiled questions which parents have asked over the years and my responses to them.

I am excited at the results that Parent Box will deliver and invite you, having worked with me in the past to be the first to trial this product. The anticipated launch date is at the end of January 2020, but all pre-launch subscribers will have access to the course 2 weeks before. 

Buying the Parent Box NOW gives you the following benefits:

• Your own unique affiliate link which you can share with your friends once the course launches and gives you the opportunity to earn 10% of referred purchases
• Most importantly, an invaluable resource that is sure to help you guide your child(ren) through these crucial years.


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