I did a podcast with Lucy (Life More Extraordinary), speaking on the topic of How to Set Meaningful Goals with Your Children. I discussed in more detail the effect it’d have on your child’s education.

The bottom line is your child gets set target grades at school and this is a form of a goal.

I devoted a chapter to goal setting in my book – Parents Understand Your Child, which Lucy read and has since started to introduce goal setting to her 7 and 5-year-old children.


Lucy’s Testimonial

“I’d played with it in the past but when I read Shola Alabi’s book, Parents Understand Your Child, I was really taken by the way that she had set goals periodically for years for her children and achieved fantastic results.

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I’ve only been doing this for less than two weeks, but my children are already getting fantastic feedback from their teachers about the things that they’re working on and I’m moving towards my own goals.”


I had the opportunity during the podcast to shed some light on the following:

– What led me to using goals with my children

– How I helped other families implement goal setting

– The common mistakes and pitfalls families make when setting goals

Let me know below how you use goal setting for yourself or for your children. What are you currently working on? What results are you seeing?


I have more information about this topic on my membership website, so join the Hub if you’d like to act on this for yourself and your children. I am available within the Hub for any questions you may have.





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