#Survivethesummer is a Guided Summer Activity Camp to help parents create an enjoyable summer for the kids without the stress and frustration of bored inactive kids.

#Survivethesummer2017 Online Summer camp is an online project where we will be working with parents to give them activities, Challenges, Projects and Ideas of things to do and places to go that will keep your child’s brain active, keep him engaged, learn new skills, have fun and give you as a parent many opportunities to connect with your child on a deeper level.

  • Keep your child’s brain active
  • Avoid the dreaded summer brain drain
  • Connect with your child more deeply
  • Reduce Screen time
  • Avoid boredom and restlessness
  • Give your children a memorable summer
  • Learn a new skill

2017 Theme of our weekly interactive chats with Shola will be: “Preparing your child for real life: the things they don’t teach your child in school”

Hashtag #survivethesummer2017

2017 Dates: August 1st to 26th.

Registration is free.

Download Our Free Checklist of 10 questions to ask your child's teacher







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