Benefits of Reading

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.  A child who READS will become an adult who THINKS.     Reading has so many benefits of which I share some below:  Reading exercises our brains. When our children read, studies suggest that it...

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Benefits of Less Screen Time

  We just completed a 30-Minute No-Screen Challenge with parents on Facebook! I got a lot of interest and feedback. It proved to be a challenge for the parents themselves! This is a challenge worth going back to. I shared benefits of limiting screen times...

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‘A dream without a plan is a wish’

I came across this quote - ‘A dream without a plan is a wish’ again in one of my notebooks as we worked through our goals last month in preparation for the new year. As I looked at the list of goals I set myself over the year and read through some of the things I...

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Dreams, Visions & Goals (Part 2)

I received a testimonial from one of my parents on the last day of December 2017. She had listened to my FB live broadcast of 30th December 2016 on Goal Setting, where I shared the '3 top goals to set in 2017' with a sample and demo of my daughter's vision board I was...

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