Benefits of Parents-Teachers Meeting

Make sure to attend these meetings!   The time is drawing near for the parent-teacher consultations or parents-evening meetings, when you’ll be meeting with your children’s class teachers to discuss the progress made by your children from the start of the school year....

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Start the Year Right – 26 August 2017

Shola Alabi organises this annual event, Start the Year Right (STYR), to inform parents of what to do to make their children’s new school year better. Experts are invited to share proven tips and techniques which parents would find helpful. The aim is to help you, the...

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Online Summer Camp 2017

#Survivethesummer is a Guided Summer Activity Camp to help parents create an enjoyable summer for the kids without the stress and frustration of bored inactive kids.   #Survivethesummer2017 Online Summer camp (August 2017) was an online project where we worked with...

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Do your Research Start by going online and checking the website of the school. This will give you a first impression. You are looking for information about the school's history, activities, facilities, vision, testimonials and so on. You can dig deeper by checking out...

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