I came across this quote – ‘A dream without a plan is a wish’ again in one of my notebooks as we worked through our goals last month in preparation for the new year.

As I looked at the list of goals I set myself over the year and read through some of the things I started off or planned to achieve but didn’t, I searched my mind and began to ask myself ‘why’?

Whilst I achieved most of those goals on that list, there were some I didn’t, which I have added to this year’s list.
It didn’t take long for me to figure out the reasons why I didn’t achieve these goals which were mostly due to not planning things through properly.

Have you got a PLAN to change things around for you and your child this year?

Well, I have!

This year, after experimenting with vision boards with the children and the positive vibes and impact we’ve experienced, I decided to take it a step further.

Apart from writing my goals down with step by step plans in my goal book, I have applied myself, exercised my creativity juices and created my vision board.

I have it hanging right in front of me, on my bedroom wall so I can see it every morning as I get out of bed and at night before I close my eyes, as I have learnt from the kids and saw last year that what I behold and see, I will eventually get / become!

I also decided to take it a level higher and recently enrolled for a course on vision boards. (Be on the look-out for my first vision board workshop coming soon!)

I believe that every child has the potential to be, to do and to have whatever they dream to be, do or have. Both YOURS AND MINE!

I know that your child’s dream of becoming the next great footballer or top brain surgeon can be achieved by YOU and I.
Together we can help our children dig deep, dream big and create that future they so deserve. You can start with your child now by helping them bring those dreams to reality!

I’m sure you want your child to set and smash those academic and behaviour goals this year. I certainly want mine to!
You can help your child make this happen.


Join the next online session to find out more.


Let’s help them See, Believe and Achieve those dreams, visions and goals this year!

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