Do your Research

Start by going online and checking the website of the school. This will give you a first impression. You are looking for information about the school’s history, activities, facilities, vision, testimonials and so on.¬†You can dig deeper by checking out testimonials and reviews of students and teachers if available.

Check the school’s performance

The next step is to check the school’s performance. You can do this by searching for school performance information. It is also possible to read the most recent OFSTED report on a school.

Visit the school in Person

This is not negotiable.
You should visit the schools you are considering. Most schools would have an open evening or parents information evening. You could go into the school on such occassions.

Take your Child with you

Ask your child questions.

Talk to the current students

Visit the classrooms during lessons

Know your child’s needs:

Different schools tend to have different strengths and weaknesses. The same goes for your child. Your job as a parent is to match your childs needs, gifts, talents and interest to the school as best you can.

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