The topic is about your child developing a Success Mindset. When a child adopts a success mindset, it becomes easy for them to adjust to the requirements needed for exam success.

Having the right mindset is an asset your child will need to attain success both in school and in adult life.


Does your child have a fixed or growth mindset?

Does your child give up on things easily?

Does your child embrace a new challenge with ease?



Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, has done an extensive study on mindsets – growth vs fixed.


Dweck’s work suggests that individuals with a fixed mindset believe that success is a result of innate factors, either you’re born with great smarts and the ability to achieve, or you’re not.

Whereas those with a growth mindset see success because of hard work, persistence, training and learning.



Knowing about this topic would help you to find out which one your child believes in and how to influence their mindset to help them succeed.


I go into an in-depth discussion on this topic in the Members Hub, so join us to find out more.






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