We just completed a 30-Minute No-Screen Challenge with parents on Facebook!

I got a lot of interest and feedback. It proved to be a challenge for the parents themselves! This is a challenge worth going back to.

I shared benefits of limiting screen times for children, to do an alternative activity with them for 30 minutes without any screens, which would help parents get involved.



Listed below are a few more benefits:


Spend the time on other activities that matter and benefit them on the long term such as reading a book, more time on homework which improve school performance.

Help increase social interaction with friends – improve social skills.

More connection time with you – build good relationships.

It will help your child sleep better. Research shows that the blue light from screens is harmful to sleep.

Your child can spend the time exploring other options – like developing a hobby.

Your child becomes more focused.

One of the parent’s testimonial!

I’m a mom of 2 boys, 6 and 1-year-old. I told my son about the 30-Minute No-Screen Challenge and decided to take the boys to the park for a playtime and bonding time. We all enjoyed it despite the freezing weather and I was so happy with both boys during our time at the park, because I’d never seen them both play together the way they did! Holding hands and enjoying the playtime. I couldn’t believe it when my son asked if we could do it more often and I said YES!


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