Make sure to attend these meetings!


The time is drawing near for the parent-teacher consultations or parents-evening meetings, when you’ll be meeting with your children’s class teachers to discuss the progress made by your children from the start of the school year.

For most schools in the UK, these meetings happen twice a year, once a term or once every half term. It’s an opportunity to meet with your children’s class teacher or subject teachers for senior school children, to discuss the progress your children have made.


Apart from discussing the progress they’d made during the term, it is also a good time to discuss any concerns, worries or issues you may have about your children with their teachers.

It’d give you the chance to raise any issues you may have experienced with your children, not just with the academics but other social, health or emotional issues.

It’d be an opportunity to find out where your children are at regarding their academic targets, as well as their attitude and behaviour toward their learning in class and in school.


You, as a parent, are your children’s first teacher as you are the one person who will know your children much more than anyone else. It’s important that you seize every opportunity to attend your children’s school meetings to tell the teachers who your children really are.

Attending your children’s parent-teacher meetings help build a relationship between you and your children’s class teacher(s).


Whilst at the meeting, make sure to discuss your children’s targets and make a note of these. Record the information by taking notes, so that you can easily refer to the information later.

These notes will help you keep track of progress made or highlight any problem areas.

Teachers love supportive parents and work very well with them.

Teachers are willing to help when they come across a supportive parent.

Be organised for these meetings by preparing your questions beforehand. Questions like:


  • What is their weakest subject and how can you help to encourage them make more progress in it?
  • What can you do at home to help your children?


I prepared a list of Top TEN Questions to ask at parent-teacher meetings, which you can sign-up to download here.


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