Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. 

A child who READS will become an adult who THINKS.



Reading has so many benefits of which I share some below: 

Reading exercises our brains. When our children read, studies suggest that it strengthens connections in the brain and helps to build newer confections

Reading is a skill that improves over time: when a child reads often, they get better at it. As we always say, Practice makes Perfect in almost everything we do and reading is no different

As children have to sit still and focus on the stories being read, Reading improves concentration. If your child reads often, they will develop the skill to concentrate for longer.

Reading will teach a child about the world around them – you can encourage your child to read through a variety of books to learn about people, places and events outside their own experiences

Reading will improve vocabulary and language skills. Children learn new words and absorb information on how to structure sentences and use language features effectively in their writing and speaking

Reading develops a child’s imagination. As children read their brains translate the words and the description of people and places they read into pictures. As they engage in the story they imagine how a character is feeling

Reading helps a child to develop empathy. As children read they begin to imagine how they will feel in those situations that they are reading about

Reading is fun. Children will rarely have the feelings of boredom if they read. Books can be easily carried everywhere which is a way to eliminate boredom

Reading is a great way to spend time together with your child. You can enjoy time together reading bedtime stories, you can also visit the library together

Children who read achieve better in school. Reading promotes achievement in all subjects and not just in English. Children who read tend to achieve better across the curriculum.



The reluctant Reader vs Struggling Reader


Some children are just not interested in reading and would not want to pick up a book. These are referred to as the Reluctant Readers.

On the other hand, we have those children that just can’t seem to remember the sounds of letters and struggle with reading. These are the struggling Readers.

The majority reluctant readers are mostly boys, they can read but will not want to pick up a book to read. Reluctant readers can be encouraged by getting them to read books that interest them such as football magazines, comics, how to create or build type of books to get them into reading.

If you have a child who just doesn’t want to read, there are ways to encourage them to get them to begin to enjoy reading



Five ways to encourage reluctant readers



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