It has been a very busy week at our education centres with the yearly 11+ Parents Information evening.
It was such a rewarding, but equally fulfilling moment for me as I listened to one of our parents share her testimony and the story of her 11+ journey with her daughter.

As she spoke to our current 11+ parents, you could tell that she’d adopted the principles of a growth mindset and also taught her daughter in that period of one year, the benefits of a growth mindset.

I shared a Faceboook post about how this young girl attended an assessment at one of my education centres and at the time of her assessment, I explained to the family the commitment and the amount of hard work needed to pass the 11+ exams.

This parent took on the challenge, persisted with her daughter and all their efforts were rewarded with great success. Her daughter not only passed all the exams she wrote, she passed them excellently well with very high scores.

I’ve collated 20 lessons from her story as practical tips that will help you with your children as you shift their mindsets from fixed to a growth mindset and in that process, developing their minds for success always.


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Lessons from Shakira’s 11+ Exams Journey

1) There’s only one chance your child will get to write the 11+ exams so maximise that chance

2) You should aspire to give your child the very best chance in life

3) In the process of preparing your child for this highly competitive exams, do not lose your child during the process – your child is more important than the 11+ exams

4) Work hard, stay focussed, pray hard, keep an open mind and listen to advice

5) Don’t leave things to the last minute – complete homework in good time and plan around your individual situation

6) It’s all about balancing things well. Balance all the different activities – play, watching TV and other activities outside of learning

7) Don’t focus on obstacles or problems as they will come – instead think of solutions!

8) Make the best use of any situation you’re faced with (an example was when  her husband was working away from home and how she used WhatsApp messages and calls to him, to find solutions to problems and to have questions answered)

9) Adopt a ‘No Excuse’ attitude and always look for solutions

10) Always reassess the situations at hand

11) Use your tongue well – as a weapon of praise, to motivate and by all means to correct!

12) Liaise with your child’s tutors and teachers

13) Ask for Help!

14) Work with a great team such as ‘The Exam Success Team’

15) Use every opportunity for the benefit of your child

16) Have a routine and put a structure in place. Work around your daily schedule and that of your child

17) Hold on to your beliefs and onto your FAITH!

18) Have the right support system in place to help out whilst you’re otherwise engaged with work and other commitments

19) As a parent, you’re your child’s fine tune. You know them best and you’re the one they spend most of their time with, so your help is what matters the most

20) Let your child know that you believe in them. Affirm them and stretch them



I hope these tips help you. If you have any questions, contact me using this form.



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