What do you see, sense, hear, smell or feel for 2018?

What do you envision by the end of 2018? 

What big picture have you seen in your mind? 

These are some questions that have been going through my mind for a number of weeks now. I wonder who else has had these same thoughts? It’s that time of the year where we stop to take stock and start over again. The new year feelings!

Some of my answers to these questions have come in different ways- in my thoughts, my dreams, some of the patterns in my life and from my meditations on God’s word.

I certainly want to be a better person in all areas of my life in 2018 – In my Spiritual life – walk with God, my relationships, my finances and my businesses.


What about you?


Let me share an experience of our last year’s goal setting session and the outcome with you to encourage YOU

We have just returned from a planned family vacation! To say we had a lovely time is an understatement, we had a blast and a wonderful time together (one of our family goals).

I’m sure for those who follow me on social media, you’d have noticed some of the pictures I posted, which was a very small fraction of the many pictures that were taken, and trust me we took loads, even my hubby and son who are not so keen on pictures didn’t have a choice, they didn’t want to miss out in the fun, they had to join in with our picture taking spree!

We all had a lovely time to say the least, we actually lost count of the days: creating fun memories, sight-seeing, resting, relaxing, recreating and enjoying each other’s company.

We got up to a lot! My son didn’t want it to end and to be honest, we all looked at each other on our last night whilst we were packing our suitcases and confessed that we wished it was back to the first day of our holidays.


Why do I tell you all this? 


I share this not to show off. No, not at all, but because I know you can make your dream come true this year – it could also be you sharing your experience this time next year.

Is it that dream holiday, a new house, new job, more money or starting that business? It can happen, if you are ready to put the plans in place, get to work at it and make it happen, like it did for us.

One of our goals at this time last year was to have a family holiday in Orlando and guess what, we made it happen!


Read about how we made it happen in the Members Hub!



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