I received a testimonial from one of my parents on the last day of December 2017.

She had listened to my FB live broadcast of 30th December 2016 on Goal Setting, where I shared the 3 top goals to set in 2017 with a sample and demo of my daughter’s vision board

I was so pleased to hear her story of how she went on and made up her own vision board. I’m pleased to say that she achieved her goals in the year.

This year as I thought through whether or not to talk about goals and vision boards again, seeing her story pop up on my FB as she tagged me, was the conviction I needed to share this again.

There may be someone out there who needs to see and read this like DJ did in December of 2016. So here you go!


I have always encouraged my children to set goals on a regular basis and has since become a family tradition for us. I share about our goal setting parties in one of my blogs and have shared a lot about this in my various speaking engagements.


My recent one was a podcast with Lucy Parsons in November – Set Meaningful Goals with Your Children.

Last year we decided to move from just written goals to creating vision boards and the result we have achieved is remarkable- it moved from just a routine random exercise to an even more enjoyable activity we all look forward to.

We even extended this to our Sunday School class in church and we all had a fun and exciting time.


Why don’t you try this out with your children this year?


What is a Vision Board?


It is a collection of pictures and words of where you want to be at the end of the year, the next 5 years or what you want to see happen in your life.

It’s a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams.

It’s a visualisation tool – an image of your future idea and a representation of where you are going.

You are more likely to follow your dream when it’s in front of you and positioned in a positive and beautiful way.


I share how and why I create vision boards in the Members Hub. Join us there.



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