Shola is the Education Director of Exam Success Education and Thurrock Tuition centres.

Working with families to provide a ‘Roadmap’ for entry into the UK education system all the way through to higher education. From experience working with children and their parents to achieving academic attainment, I was inspired to create these resources encompassing my many years of experience and research so that children and parents feel guided at all times. 

Tutoring Centres

We offer a free educational and diagnostic assessment for every child and then create a personalised, individual programme of study to address each child’s learning needs.

Lessons are taught by Qualified Teachers in small groups of five students, which helps us to get to know each student personally. We have designed our students-to-teacher ratio to be much smaller than an average classroom size, therefore our students get more teacher attention and feel more confident to ask questions than they may do in schools’ classroom environment. They are also empowered to develop into independent learners and gain the confidence they need to excel.

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Shola has been involved in Training Teachers with the University of East London and continues to act as a mentor to Teachers on a voluntary basis. Shola loves to see the best in every child evolve and knows that this can only be achieved by passionate teachers. This is what led to her taking on the role of teacher trainer and still mentors teachers who currently hold leadership roles in schools around London.

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Atom Learning

This is an online learning resource (see link above) which students can use to consolidate their Key Stage 2 knowledge in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and prepare for 11+ level assessments.

Atom Learning teaches through a combination of video tutorials, revision sheets and more than 20,000 questions which have been individually designed by teachers and education experts (all are accompanied by full explanations as to why the student has answered the questions correctly or incorrectly).

The algorithm underpinning the platform adapts to the individual student’s level meaning weaker students don’t become demotivated while more able students are pushed.

Atom Learning is working with most of the leading prep schools in London including Sussex House, Wetherby, Dulwich Prep, WCCS, Bassett House, Falkner House, Glendower Prep and many more. It is the official partner of Galore Park – the publisher for ISEB 11+ materials.


Is your child taking the 11+ common entrance or grammar school exams this year?

Are you feeling anxious as the months draw closer and closer to September?

Combines questions designed by teachers and education experts to support Student & Parents.

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