Today the 17th of May, 2016, I held a Webinar on the above Topic. It was my first Webinar (a bit nerve -wracking I must say) but I am so glad we held it.

We had 55 parents attended live and the questions kept coming in. I am so proud of the parents that turned up and in fact I am proud of you for reading this because it shows me that  you are the kind of parent that wants the best for their child and your child is lucky to have you as a parent.

Here is the replay of the session. I loved answering the questions. If you still have a question, just use the contact form or leave me a comment on facebook. Enjoy the video!


I talked about, how to find out if a school is a good school, the 6 core skills you can start developing in your child now, the three types of UK schools, how to prepare your child for exams and more…

The Follow-up to this is a class or course on

“How to Prepare Your Child for Major Examinations.”

It will be more detailed and intensive. We are working on it behind the scenes and gathering the resources as well as expert input. We hope to run this class/course in the near future for a small group of parents.

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