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As a PARENT you want to HELP YOUR CHILD do well in school. As a teacher, tutor and fellow parent I know the VITAL ROLE that parents play in how well the child does in school.
I want to share some TOOLS AND TIPS and secrets to SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE parents to get involved and make a difference in your child’s SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND LIFE.

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Shola helps You help your Child by:

Supporting Parents

Equipping Parents

Inspiring Parents

My website is full of very useful tips to support and encourage you to keep up with the demands of school in the digital age and the highly competitive educational system that our children are in.

I also ran The Raising Successful Children Hub, which consisted of a community of fellow parents who wanted to see their children lead a fulfilling life and grow up to become successful adults.

The Raising Successful Children’s Hub has now been replaced with the Parent Box. The Parent Box is an online course which serves as a tool to assist parents in guiding their children on all aspects of the academic journey from the cradle (pre-school) to their career (post university). 

” Testimonials”

” Being part of the hub has become a significant part in my parenting journey. The regular webinars have been so useful for gaining practical tips.
It has particularly been so helpful to connect with other parents who are invested in their children’s whole growth – academic and otherwise.”


” I particularly found the session informative. I like the restaurant scenario of allowing the children to voice out what they want to order themselves as I still find myself doing this for them at times. Some of the points that were discussed are actually beneficial for parents that are looking to improve their public speaking skills as well.”


Get practical tips, tools and techniques to get you started!

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