Teacher, Author, Education & Parenting Consultant Shola Alabi, who runs the Raising Successful Children’s Hub, Thurrock Tuition and Exam Success Education centre shares her top 11+ tips.


  1. Start your child’s preparation early – end of year 3 but most definitely in year 4 (not the practice tests but the basic core skills).


  1. Have your child assessed at the start of year 5 to know where they are with regards to strengths and weakness and gaps in their knowledge.


  1. Reading daily (both independent and guided) is highly recommended to help extend your child’s vocabulary and comprehension skills.


  1. Incorporate daily study habits into your child’s routine.


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  1. Be consistent with study plans, keep to time allocated for studying/learning.


  1. Review the study plans weekly to see what worked well and what needs to change.


  1. Help your child to stay motivated by rewarding effort made. Create a reward system that works for your child.


  1. Use resources that will help develop the core skills, improve areas of weakness and continuously assess your child knowledge.


  1. Use practice age-appropriate tests, Mark these and help your child through corrections.


  1. Make learning and study time as fun and exciting as possible.


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