Is Your Child Choosing Their Options?

by Jan 12, 2019Tips & News

For most of our children in senior / secondary school years 8 or 9, it’s the season for subject choices (options) and you’ll soon be getting those invites and emails into school to attend an Options Evening.

It’s my child number 2’s Options Evening in a weeks time and we will be starting the formal discussions of subject choices after the evening.(Hmmmmm)

Have you got a child in Year 8 or 9?
Have they had their options evening?

This can be a very daunting experience for parents, even with my child number 1’s experience and the many parents I have supported over the years, I’m still bracing myself for the discussions that lie ahead over the next few weeks before we hand the options forms back to school.

A few things to bear in mind whilst you make those choices with your child:

There are so many choices, some GCSEs, academic or vocational qualifications and this differs from school to school on what is on offer, so

1) To avoid overwhelm, please attend the options evening

2) Read and digest the information pack that your child’s school provides before completing and returning back your child’s option form to school

3) if in doubt, please ask questions. You can communicate your questions via an email to your child’s school or speak to the parent in an older year group in your child’s school.

4) Have discussions with your child. Read through the information on each subject of choice with your child. Whilst discussing, relate their future ambition and dreams to the subject choices. Please do not just leave this to your child – your child’s subject choices will have an impact on there next academic levels. For example, if your child wants to future their education in the sciences, it will be difficult to move into doing an A Level Science subject by choosing BTEC Science in Year 10/11.

5) Help your child through the process! Have conversations over the few weeks before the option forms are due back to school. Your child’s mind view can only see as far as the now, but you can help them see into the future. Explore the resources available. Do some research into their next steps together and then help them make informed subject choices.

6) If you need help, please seek advice!

If you need some expert advice, contact me via or send me a direct message.

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