My #covid19story

by Jun 15, 2020Tips & News

My #COVID19 Story

I recall the day that our prime minister, Boris Johnson announced that schools were closing. It was a Thursday evening and I was at my London Centre. Immediately, panic set in. My mind began to think of a million thoughts all at once.

One of those thoughts was the fact that I run private education after school centres in London and Essex, for children in primary and secondary school and this was mine and my staff’s source of livelihood.

“How are we going to survive?” I questioned in my head.
“For how long is this closure going to go on for?”
“How am I going to pay the staff wages without the students coming in?”
My mind got busy, all sorts of thoughts flooding in.

Well, it’s now week 3 and we have been able to get by…….thank God!
All the causes of apprehension that were running around in my mind have been or are currently being resolved:

-Staff’s wages have been paid
-New ways of providing our tuition services have been discovered – we have embraced the online world of teaching
-Enjoying great family time with my nearest and dearest – dinner together with lots of laughter, fun and jokes
-Financial budgeting/management taken to a new level, scrutinising the bank statements for every outgoing
-Cooking skills brought back to life, Rediscovering some old delicacies (I have twice now ventured into making akara aka bean cake from scratch- peeling the black eyed beans, blending and then frying)
-Bonding with family – I have taken to a 10 minute exercise workout with my daughter
-Reading, trying out new things and journaling consistently
-resting both the body and the mind
-embracing the power of community and making the most of what’s available

-completed the most awaited golden project – The Parent Box
-launch party of Parent Box with Pioneer Elite Members finally happened

-providing support to other parents via online sessions through the new journey of #homeschooling with my #covid19 offerings and giving back in collaboration with The Tutor Association

-Most importantly praying and reading my Bible, making faith deposits and tuning into heaven to hear what the Lord is saying.

What’s your #COVID19 story?

Let’s begin to document the positives that are coming out of this time of social distancing and covid19 and give back by encouraging others to not dwell on the negatives, but choose instead, to focus on and see the positives to help us get by on a day to day basis.
Let’s choose to become better during and after the #lockdown period.
Furthermore, a very significant part of this is to document your story for historical reasons. According to research, journaling your experiences brings out some positive feelings i.e. counting your blessings and being grateful.


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