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This is an online program that enables you, as parents, to access this resource where and when convenient.

Parent Box

This is a tool that has been created to equip parents with the skills and insights they need in successfully guiding their children through all the Key Stages of their Academic Journey.

It has been designed to:
• Guide Every Child into Academic Excellence.
• Ensure Every Child gets the Best out of Education.
• Prepare Every Child for a Successful Career beyond School.

Parent Box also features the following experts:

1. Colette Stevenson (Early Years & Pre School Expert)
2. Katie Knapman (Primary Education Expert & Author
3. Lucy Parson (Secondary Education Expert & Author)
4. Debbie Abraham (Dyslexia Expert)
5. Dr Thomas Dannhauser (Concentration Expert)
6. Sulette Snyman (Cognitive Development in Children & Neurofeedback Expert)

Parent Box is divided into six Modules and has over twenty video short lessons:

• Foundation / Introduction

• Early Years & Pre School Education
• Primary Education

• Secondary Education

• Post-Secondary Education

• A special feature on Other Types of Learners 

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