#Survivethesummer is a Guided Summer Activity Camp to help parents create an enjoyable summer for the kids without the stress and frustration of bored inactive kids.


#Survivethesummer2017 Online Summer camp (August 2017) was an online project where we worked with parents to give them activities, challenges, projects and ideas of things to do and places to go to keep their children’s brain active. Keeping them engaged, learning new skills, having fun and giving your, the parent, many opportunities to connect with your children on a deeper level.

  • Keep your children’s brain active
  • Avoid the dreaded summer brain drain
  • Connect with your children more deeply
  • Reduce screen time
  • Avoid boredom and restlessness
  • Give your children a memorable summer
  • Learn a new skill

We were so excited about the 2017 Theme and the weekly interactive online chats with Shola. That was four sessions of “Preparing your child for real life: the things they don’t teach your child in school”

These were awesome sessions! You can access them by joining the Members Hub.

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