My #covid19story

My #COVID19 Story I recall the day that our prime minister, Boris Johnson announced that schools were closing. It was a Thursday evening and I was at my London Centre. Immediately, panic set in. My mind began to think of a million thoughts all at once. One of those...

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Is Your Child Choosing Their Options?

For most of our children in senior / secondary school years 8 or 9, it’s the season for subject choices (options) and you’ll soon be getting those invites and emails into school to attend an Options Evening. It’s my child number 2’s Options Evening in a weeks time and...

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How to Get 11 + (Eleven Plus) Ready

Teacher, Author, Education & Parenting Consultant Shola Alabi, who runs the Raising Successful Children's Hub, Thurrock Tuition and Exam Success Education centre shares her top 11+ tips.   Start your child's preparation early - end of year 3 but most definitely in...

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Identify Your Child’s Revision Style

You can try all the different styles to see which one works best for them.   1) Does your child love to use colour to highlight important factor? 2) Is your child a flash /index card fan? 3) Is your child into mind maps or loves condensing information on posters? 4)...

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Extra / Co-curricular Activities

This month we are going to be exploring the benefits of a broad and balanced curriculum to a child, your child’s gifts and the relevance of this helping your child stand out Why get a child into other extra activities when there’s not enough time for the academics I...

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Parents Worrying Over Children’s Exams

According to a survey, conducted by BBC radio 5 on parents feeling the stress and strain over a child's revision and exam schedule is scary. "This survey of 830 parents of 11 to 18-year-olds was carried out by ComRes for BBC Radio 5 live in March 2017" "Nearly a...

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